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Re: Measuring & optimizing broadband speed

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On 02/09/08 16:13, Zach wrote:
> I am looking for accurate methods of measuring broadband speed,
> particularly for a 728 kbps / 128 kbps DSL line.
> I want to see how close my real world throughput gets to the
> advertised bandwidth.

I find that FTPing huge files from big sites is an excellent measure
of max bandwidth.  So, here's what I'd do from an xterm window:

$ wget \

>                        Also what is the theoretical maximum and minimum
> ping (average return time) and lag (standard deviation of the ping)
> for such a DSL line? Is there any sort of MTU, routing table or TCP/IP
> stack changes I can make (if so please explain how) to increase my
> latency, lag and packet loss? I use Debian lenny with a 2.6.18 kernel.
> Oh yes I will have a static IP address.
> Also I got some advice on how to setup my ADSL line I'm getting next
> week but no one mentioned using the "route" command and setting up the
> routing table (gateway, metrics, netmask). Is that not necessary in my
> case?
> Zach

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