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xserver crashing


I've been over the archives for the last two month but couldn't find any info 
about my specific problem.

I updated xorg a couple of days ago from an older version (running sid). 
Please don't ask what older version - it's been a while.

After that the xserver started crashing after a couple of hours.
That wasn't a big surprise since I run nvidia binary drivers.
Figured I reinstall the nvidia driver and throw in a new kernel for good 

xserver is 1:7.3+10
Kernel: 2.6.24-1-686
nvidia : version: 171.05

Unfortunately the xserver is still crashing.Well I figured since the nvidia 
installer gave me a warning about the kernel being compiled with a different 
version of gcc I just walk away and use the nv driver since I don't care 
about 3d anyway.

Unfortunately the nv driver also crashes :-)

This is with a 7600GS and a nforce 650i motherboard.

Does anybody have any suggestions what might be the problem here? 
The only thing I could think about doing right now is downgrading xorg but 
that might open a whole new can of worms...


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