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Re: Thinkpad t61p

On Feb 6, 2008 9:48 PM, Baz <bazciscor@gmail.com> wrote:
> Anyone have Debian (Etch, Lenny, Sid) running on this relatively new
> Thinkpad?  Sebastian

I have a very young installation of sid running on a T61 (not a T61p,
but pretty close)
Everything works fine, but I haven't messed with wifi or sound yet.
>From what I hear, the madwifi driver works fine for wireless, and
sound should work out of the box in kernel 2.6.23.  The strange thing
is I haven't gotten any sound out of mine yet, but then again, I
haven't found any sound files to play.

Nvidia-glx driver from the debian repos works fine, but the T61 has a
different card from the T61p, so that probably doesn't help.

cpu frequency scaling seems to be built in, and acpi / most of the Fn
key combinations seem to work (haven't tested all the keys or any sort
of suspend/hibernate, mainly because I haven't figured out how to get
that option in xfce)

Anyways, that's all I have for now
Jimmy Wu
Registered Linux User #454138

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