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Re: Iceweasel problems - 2 of 3

Steve Kleene:
> 4. Keyboard shortcuts die if I pass the cursor over certain ads (especially
>    at nytimes.com); I think they're javascript.  To get the shortcuts back, I
>    can move the cursor out of the iceweasel window and the bring it back,
>    taking care not to pass over the offending ad.  I use the keyboard to
>    scroll (down arrow) and move back a page (ALT-leftarrow).

This is caused by flash content and other things that are handled by a
plugin and it also affects scrolling using the mouse wheel. Very
annoying, yes.

> By the way, the profile folder name ("aqhypo0m.default") appears to be some
> sort of unique identifier.  Is it broadcast, and can it be used to identify
> my machine?  Why is such a goofy directory name used at all?

It is not broadcasted and I think it is some sort of quirky security
measure. The intention is to make the profile folder's name hard or
impossible to guess.

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