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Re: Dbus, Hald Groups?

David Baron <d_baron@012.net.il> writes:
> Dbus is running in the 111 "crontab" group!
> Hal is running in the 127 "boinc" Are!

Note that "ps", by default, displays process *users*, not groups.  For
"dbus" and "hal", the correct users are "messagebus" and "haldaemon".
Since these names are unusually long, "ps" will display them as
numbers instead of names, but you need to look them up in
"/etc/passwd", not "/etc/group", since the user ids and corresponding
group ids won't necessarily match.

These numbers aren't fixed---they will differ from system to system,
depending on the exact order packages were installed.  For example, on
one of my machines, the user ids are 102 and 107; on another, they are
104 and 108.

If you double-check and "dbus" and "hal" *really* are running as the
wrong users, then---assuming a reboot doesn't fix the problem---it
might be the case that you have multiple users in "passwd" with the
same userid.  This shouldn't happen, but you can probably fix the
damage by changing the "messagebus" and "haldaemon" numbers to
something that isn't used and rebooting (but make a backup of "passwd"
first in case things go horribly wrong).  In general, renumbering
userids like this won't work very well, because file ownership is
stored by number, not name, and renumbering will screw that up.  I
don't believe that "messagebus" and "haldaemon" own any files, though,
so this probably won't be a problem.

> To access these, do I need to be a "member" of these groups? This
> could be why kde4 seems to need root privileges to start a session!

You do not need to be a member of the "messagebus" or "haldaemon"
groups to start a KDE session, so the problem must be something else.

Kevin Buhr <buhr+debian@asaurus.net>

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