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Re: Help me out to install Debian

Anupam Jamatia:
> Dear Sir ,

There are ladies present as well. :)

> i have an PC with P-4 , 256MB RAM, with 1.60 GHz , now i want to
> install Debian and XP with dual mode , i have already installed XP in my
> system with 3 partitins C,D, and E with 20,9, and 9 GB respectively...now
> how to install Debian OS in the system , its confused to isntall Debian
> after XP ...if you kindly help me out with step by step method to install
> (including pertition ) it will be helpfull to me.Thanking you .


Before installing, you should decide which partition to use for the
installation (yes, this partition will be completely wiped, so be sure
not to have any valuable data on it).

The release notes might help as well:

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