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Re: Iceweasel problems - YouTube infiltration

Mihira Fernando wrote the following on 02/07/2008 04:13 AM:
> Dennis G. Wicks wrote:
>> Greetings;
>> Well, just ran into a another frequent problem.
>> I just re-booted and restarted Iceweasel. (22 windows,
>> I don't know how many tabs.) I had a bad feeling as
>> soon as I saw that all the favicons were YouTube.
> There you go. As others reported before, Flash doesn't play nicely on
> Iceweasel. 22 youtube windows will certainly crash Iceweasel.
> This is a behavior I have noticed on Iceweasel as well. Load flash
> intensive pages or lots of pages that has flash components in Iceweasel
> and the weasel looses its cool and crashes. Sometimes it just freezes
> other times it terminates on its own.
> However upon restarting Iceweasel it asks to restore the crashed session
> or start a new session. If you don't get that prompt, then your
> configuration has deviated from the default.
>> Everytime I try to get an internet page, either refresh
>> or new link, I get the following message, and no page.
>>     Not Found
>>     The requested URL /~joyce/album/ was not found
>>     on this server.
>>     Apache Server at www.youtube.com Port 80
>> It appears that it is really sending the request to
>> YouTube. I have no idea why!
> Youtube is using flash. That's the reason.
>> Thanks for any help!
>> Dennis
> Mihira.

Slight misunderstanding. None of these pages had a
youtube URL or contained any flash "stuff" in it.

Iceweasel just all of a sudden starts sending all
requests to Youtube. It also occasionally sends them to
Redhat, but not as often.

The little Youtube favicon will show up in the tabs
when this is happening, doesn't make any difference
what the actual page is!

I have installed Flash Block and Block Site so I will
see what effect they have.


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