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Re: Iceweasel problems - 2 of 3

Davide Mancusi wrote the following on 02/06/2008 03:28 PM:
> Dennis G. Wicks ha scritto:
>> When I restart Iceweasel it reopens all the windows and
>> tabs as designed with one not-so-small problem. It
>> opens *every* window or tab that was ever opened
>> before, nopt just the ones that were open when it
>> crashed or was shutdown. It doesn't seem to know or
>> care that those particular items were closed by either
>> clicking the "X"s or any of the other means, not just
>> minimized.
>> Any ideas on this one?
>     Have you tried to move your .mozilla directory out of the way and to
> restart with a fresh profile? Maybe some extension or some setting are
> causing problems...
> HTH,
> Davide


OK, that seems to solve that problem but creates three

What files do I have to copy to the new .mozilla to get
my bookmarks, userid/passwords, and extension/plugins back?


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