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Re: How to set up a WLAN?

Dan H. wrote:

# iwlist scan

wlan1     No scan results

# iwlist freq

wlan1     0 channels
          Current Frequency=3D2.412 GHz

0 channels? I don't get it. Shouldn't I see at least the channels this thing
/could/ do, even if I sat in an EMI-proof building?

That seems very wrong yes. Seems to be a problem with the usb variety of the driver. There is (/used to be) some mailing-lists and web-sites dedicated to the development ov the rt2** drivers. Probably that is where you need to go to pursue this issue further. Google is your friend, or you could check for any info in the source files (files named like README and INSTALL are good places to look).

Good luck, sorry I don't have any more info.

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