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Re: hitachi hd

Giancarlo Bruno:
> I am trying to install debian Etch on a new PC (with no other OS 
> installed)
> I get a message saying that "no disk drive was detected"
> The BIOS screen says HD is a SATA drive HITACHI HDP 725040GLA with 
> 400GB. Any hint to help me with this issue?

Probably your SATA controller isn't supported by the kernel in the
official etch installer.

Recently, I was in the same situation and used an installer with a newer
kernel from <http://kmuto.jp/debian/d-i/>. That one worked just fine.
Another option might be to switch the controller to AHCI mode in the
BIOS, if it has such an option. I think has been supported earlier than
some specific chipsets.

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