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No subpixel rendering fonts in GTK+ apps

Hi all!
I've patched (using patches from Ubuntu Hardy sources) and recompiled freetype2, libcairo2, libxft2 and fontconfig to get the subpixel rendering (ClearType-like) fonts. Everything went ok, but the problem is that the subpixel rendering shows only on KDE/QT apps but not in GTK apps (ex. Iceweasel). I'm using Debian Lenny/Sid with KDE 3.5.8 and i've got gtk-qt-engine package installed.
I did: /dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config/ and set Autohinter->Always->No
Next:/ dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig/ to reset the font cache.
Also: kcontrol > Appearences & Themes > GTK Styles and Fonts > GTK Fonts, 'Use my KDE fonts in GTK applications' is set.
Does anybody know what is wrong?
Thanks in advance.

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