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Re: security concerns for home work network

On Tue, Feb 05, 2008 at 01:14:37PM -0700, ChadDavis wrote:
> This may a bit off topic, but I am talking about  a debian base network, and
> I sense that many of the people on this list have admin expertise.
> I have a small home office network.  I recently set up samba and in the
> process realized I'm not all that honed on security issues.  My concern is
> this, when I set up something like filesharing, I'm just doing this for the
> efficiency of my two person software development company; the other employee
> is my wife.  In this environment, I generally just set things up as loose
> and quick as possible.
> My question is, am I wrong for thinking that security isn't of much concern,
> in regards to something like samba file sharing, for our two user network.
> My theory is that as long as I keep my network shutdown to outside access,
> everything is cool.  For instance, I generally don't forward any ports from
> my DSL router into my local machines.  On occasion I'll open 80 to let my
> clients do some testing.  Am I right in assuming this means I don't have to
> tighten up something like file sharing?

I'm no expert by any stretch, but I think in your case, if you are
behind a secure firewall, then no, security internal to your LAN is
not an issue. That assumes you trust your wife ;)

Now, opening port 80 to test software is a different issue. If you are
"testing" software, then it is likely not secure and not something you
want to have protecting the rest of your network. That's how you
should look at it -- if you open the port, then whatever code you have
on that port is now your line of defense for that port. If that code
fails to be secure, then your network is not secure. In that case, I'd
agree that moving your test bed outside your main network would be a
good idea. 


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