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security concerns for home work network

This may a bit off topic, but I am talking about  a debian base network, and I sense that many of the people on this list have admin expertise.

I have a small home office network.  I recently set up samba and in the process realized I'm not all that honed on security issues.  My concern is this, when I set up something like filesharing, I'm just doing this for the efficiency of my two person software development company; the other employee is my wife.  In this environment, I generally just set things up as loose and quick as possible.

My question is, am I wrong for thinking that security isn't of much concern, in regards to something like samba file sharing, for our two user network.  My theory is that as long as I keep my network shutdown to outside access, everything is cool.  For instance, I generally don't forward any ports from my DSL router into my local machines.  On occasion I'll open 80 to let my clients do some testing.  Am I right in assuming this means I don't have to tighten up something like file sharing? 

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