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Re: low-MHz server

On Monday 04 February 2008, John Hasler wrote:

> David Brodbeck writes:
> > ...have you considered putting the machine in another room and placing
> > only the monitor, keyboard, and mouse at your wife's workstation?
> Or put the computer in the basement and set her up with a diskless
> X-terminal based on an old, slow pc.

Or use long cables to give her a remote keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
I've done that in the past in an industrial setting.  Use well shielded
cables or they'll act as broadband antennas.


PS  FWIW, I doubt that it is really the high frequency fields that 
she is sensitive to, but without another explanation, you have to go
with what works for you.  FYI, UHF TV signals are in the 70 - 1000 MHz
range.  It would be hard to escape these anywhere near civilization,
although the signal strength may be quite low.

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