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Re: How to set up a WLAN?

--- Daniel Haude <daniel@stoptrick.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> this message is all the more strange since I had
> wireless up and running
> with Debian once. But that system got hosed about a
> year ago for some reason
> or another, and now I've got it set up again and I'm
> completely stumped with
> the WLAN thingy.
> $ lsusb
> Bus 005 Device 003: ID 2001:3c00 D-Link Corp. [hex]
> DWL-G122 802.11g rev. B1
> [ralink]
> OK, this is a Ralink RT2500 chipset. I've built the
> rt2500usb module and
> loaded it. ifconfig wlan0 up worked.
> I'd like to connect to the public network that's set
> up around the campus.
> What do I have to do to make it happen? Everybody
> else's Windoze and Mac laptop
> simply connects to whatever network it happens to
> find.
> There is a utility with the promising name "iwspy",
> but that tells me:
>   wlan1 Interface doesn't support wireless statistic
> collection
> Don't know what that means except that it doesn't
> work.
> There are two Debian packages for this chipset:
> rt2500-source and
> rt2x00-source. They provide different modules, but
> neither really seem to
> work.
> I do remember using some tools when I had this set
> up about a year ago that
> listed all networks in the vicinity, and dumped
> screen upon screen of
> network traffic. After an afternoon of playing with
> this stuff, straight
> from Debian stable packages. Now I've been trying
> this for three days and
> I'm not getting anywhere. Am I getting too old?
> Thanks,
> --D.
Daniel, I have a ralink wireless card (rt-2500
chipset), and it works great for me on Debian Etch.
Try installing "wifi-radar". It is a handy little
I don't have any rt-2xxx or rt-25xx packages
installed, so support 
must be compiled in the kernel(?).

Oh, and I am using kernel, but I'm
not sure if the 
kanotix version has any special modules built-in.

HTH's some.

Best regards.

-- Angus

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