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Re: Buying debian compatible laptop.

David Palmer wrote:
Bob wrote:

I'm looking for a laptop with a dual core AMD64 CPU, AMD GPU with dedicated (non-shared) GRAM, built in webcam, user changeable Harddrive & battery, high RAM capacity, large high quality screen, a nice keyboard and good linux support for all the power saving, suspends, wifi etc....

I'd also like it to have DVI, SPDIF, USB2, FireWire, jumbo frame GbE, Infrared and eSATA ports
Has anyone seen one?

At present, I'm looking (but only looking), at the M59 SLI here:


Nice, I'm after one with AMD / ATI graphics, the MSI ones
Look very nice but support for the ATI RS690 chipsets onboard graphics is pretty basic
so I'm waiting for that to mature a bit.

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