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Re: What am I missing without mutt?

On 04/02/2008, Steve Lamb <grey@dmiyu.org> wrote:
> ?????????? ?. ???????? wrote:
>  > Quoth Dotan Cohen:
>  >> As a thunderbird user, what am I missing by not using mutt? Teach me,
>  >> if it's a better client than I'd love to learn it. I'm not afraid of
>  >> the CLI, and I'm not afraid of VI[M].
>  > What you're missing? Tedious
>  > fetchmail/procmail/maildrop/exim/sendmail-configuration, 200-lines .muttrc...
>     This is where it should've ended.  Most of the rest of the list doesn't
>  apply.  Dotan, if you're happy with TBird, stick with it.  If there's
>  something you don't like about TBird, see if there's an extension that
>  addresses it.  About the only serious problem with TBird is that the
>  documentation to write extensions is mired in it's Firefox roots.

I will look at other GUI apps (not mutt or pine) and see if I can find
something that fits. Truth is, it will be hard to replace Tbird as
I've only two gripes with it, yet there's many features (through
extensions) that other mailers lack. A simple example is the ability
to right- or left- align text. For Hebrew and Arabic users, this is a
must. No other mailer provides that. And the Virtual Identity
extension makes the From address of replies the To address of the
original mail. It even saves which From address I use for each contact
when writing new messages. Simply brilliant, and no other mailer
provides that. Even though the relevant Kmail bug has been open for
over two years.

Dotan Cohen


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