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Re: GTK+ E-mail App on par with Mutt?

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On 02/04/08 02:54, Dan H. wrote:
> I like Claws (called "sylpheed-claws" in Debian). Not to be confused with
> the more basic and less GTKish "sylpheed". Of the X MUAs I've tried (Opera,


Sylpheed has been GTK2 for quite some time now.  Almost 2 years.

> Thunderbird, Evolution) I like it by far the best. It also is by far the
> fastest. GPG support isn't as smooth as in TB which provied an entire GUI
> wrapper around GPG but it works fine.
> That said, I switched from Claws to mutt a couple weeks ago and I'm loving
> it. Well, I guess it's always fun to start something new.
> Unfortunately mutt and Claws don't co-operate too well on one and the same
> MH folder tree and, despite the availability of a plug-in called
> "sylpheed-claws-gtk2-maildir-plugin", Claws doesn't deal with Maildir-style
> folders. Specifically, if you want to use Claws and mutt concurrently, make
> sure that folders don't contain both messages and subfolders (which Claws
> permits but mutt doesnt). Also Claws unneccesarily puts a .mh-sequence tag
> in folders that only contain subfolders which causes mutt not to show the
> subfolders. These issues are (apparently) caused by mutt's incomplete MH
> spec support.
> Get Claws. It's fun and fast. As a mutt user you'll appreciate the latter.
> And you're right about not using the built-in MTA functionality (as I've
> discovered only after moving all that to fetchmail/procmail/exim). When you
> first start Claws, it'll want you to set up a mail account with server and
> all. Just asdf through that. When Claws is up and running, set up a new
> account with Server "None (SMTP only)" and delete the dummy account you
> created in the first set up. Y voilá.

Move all your email into an IMAP store.  Then you can use whatever
MUA you want, whenever you want, and not have to worry about MUA
storage incompatibility.

(courier-imap and dovecot-imapd are popular IMAP packages.)

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