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Re: Buying debian compatible laptop.

On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 09:28:17PM +0200, Joona Kiiski wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I've been using debian a couple of years (still a newbie for most of
> you hackers, though), but never installed it in laptop. Soon I'm
> buying a new laptop and want to make sure it works smoothly with
> debian.

I bought mine from Linux Certified. It came with ubuntu which I wiped
and replaced with real debian. I'm sure I paid too much, but I was in
a hurry and happy to *know* that it would work.

> I assume the biggest problem is the screen controller. I tried to take
> a look at debian's and X.org's documentation, but didn't find a clear
> answer which screen controllers work cleanly with debian (and X.org)
> and which not.
> In the past:
> * ATI's drivers were a big problem (is that still the case?)
> * Nvidia drivers worked (at least after installing closed source
> drivers manually) (is that still the case?)
> * I've heard that Intel GMA should just work (is that the case?)

big yes to intel! In fact, if you can get the chipset specs for the
laptop (good luck...), the more intel in there the better, in my

> Are there any other possible critical hardware incompatibilities (fx.
> with sound system, dvd-drives, ethernet cards etc.) I should know
> about

most of the rest should not be a big deal. 


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