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Re: Buying debian compatible laptop.

Joona Kiiski:
> I've been using debian a couple of years (still a newbie for most of
> you hackers, though), but never installed it in laptop. Soon I'm
> buying a new laptop and want to make sure it works smoothly with
> debian.

First, look for reviews and tips on <http://www.linux-laptop.net/>.

> In the past:
> * ATI's drivers were a big problem (is that still the case?)
> * Nvidia drivers worked (at least after installing closed source
> drivers manually) (is that still the case?)
> * I've heard that Intel GMA should just work (is that the case?)

Yes, Intel is fully cooperating with the free software scene and as far
as I know, all of theit graphics controllers are supported. If your
usage habits don't depend on 3D performance, choose Intel.

> Are there any other possible critical hardware incompatibilities (fx.
> with sound system, dvd-drives, ethernet cards etc.) I should know
> about

Sound and ethernet shouldn't be a problem, but watch out for unsupported
wifi cards and whether suspending (to RAM and to disk) works.

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