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Re: GTK+ E-mail App on par with Mutt?

Quoth s. keeling:
> Michael Pobega <pobega@gmail.com>:
> > 
> >  Can anyone suggest a good GTK+ e-mail reader/writer? I have cron getting
> >  my e-mail so the client doesn't even need to have POP/IMAP.
> Install gkrellm, tell its Mail builtin to call mutt in an xterm (or
> whatever).  mutt will continue using whaver editor you told it to use
> in its rc file.  Gkrellm's good for a thousand other things too (last
> count  :-).

gkrellm is also ugly as hell and doesn't go well together with tiling window
managers. Iprefer to use my shell's (zsh) builtin way of notifying me about
emails... since I use the console for pretty much anything I notice mails
immediately when my console tells me "You have new mail" or "New mail in d-u"
(though I turned the latter off, since it's of no use to get that notice every
five minutes - which is my fetchmail poll interval...)


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