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Re: GTK+ E-mail App on par with Mutt?

Michael Pobega <pobega@gmail.com>:
>  I'm finally taking the plunge from full CLI to using an X server, and in
>  place of Mutt I've been using Evolution; But Evolution is nowhere near
>  as good as Mutt, with threading/speed/customizability (And to boot I
>  can't even use GViM as my editor!).
>  Can anyone suggest a good GTK+ e-mail reader/writer? I have cron getting
>  my e-mail so the client doesn't even need to have POP/IMAP.

What are you looking for?  A pointy-clicky version of mutt (doesn't
exist), or a way to make mutt pointy-clickey?

Install gkrellm, tell its Mail builtin to call mutt in an xterm (or
whatever).  mutt will continue using whaver editor you told it to use
in its rc file.  Gkrellm's good for a thousand other things too (last
count  :-).

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