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RE: [OT] dialup modemspeed change

Original Message:
From: Hugo Vanwoerkom hvw59601@care2.com
Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2008 08:57:55 -0600
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: [OT] dialup modemspeed change


I've changed the physical location of the Sid box and the telephone 
number that is being used to dial the ISP.

Everything else is the same.

Now the connection is at a lower speed than before: average 3000 B/s 
while before it was 4500 B/s.

The sound of V92 dialup modem on connecting has changed: it used connect 
right away, now it makes more additional sounds.

Is this due to the quality of the phoneline?

Anybody savvy on dialup lines?


>Dialup modems are designed to operate at any one of multiple speeds
depending on the "quality" of the local loop connection.  As part of the
dialup protocol the modem at your location and the one at your ISP
interrogate the connection by sending bits at first the highest speed the
modem supports and then in turn each "fallback" (lower supported speed). 
When the two have found the highest speed that connection supports, that
speed is used for the duration of the call.  Since the physical connection
between you and your ISP can vary with each call depending on the specific
TELCO routing, the process repeats with each new connection.  The delay in
your case is most likely due to the search for the now-supported lower

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