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Re: Switching from ipw3945 to iwl3945 driver]

On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 03:56:43AM +0100, Александър Л. Димитров wrote:
> * Once you've brought up wpa_supplicant on your wireless interface, the driver
>   does not know how to go back. If you kill wpa_supplicant (like when you
>   suspend and go somewhere else and want to connect to another WEP AP) -
>   congratulations, your driver is now officially hosed. You will have to:
>   rmmod iwl3945 mac80211 cfg80211 arc4 ecb firmware_class && modprobe iwl3945
>   After this step succeeds, everything seems to be fine again, HOWEVER:
> * Sometimes this will go wrong. Terribly wrong. Modprobe and pdflush go hand in
>   hand right into the abyss, coming back as CPU-eating undead and
>   unkillable zomies. Yay. Only thing that really helps is hard reset, as working
>   on a 100%-devoured CPU is no fun and my kill-9-voodoo doesn't work on neither
>   of the offenders.

I don't use wpa as my other interface at home doesn't support it
(stupid windows only crap) and otherwise I am on public networks. But
I've seen ilw3945 go terribly wrong. once in my testing modprobe -r
iwl3945 brought on a kernel panic and locked the laptop up hard (truly
locked). ouch. 

IOW, welcome to sid... ;)


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