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Re: saving streaming video to disk

Steve Kleene wrote:
> Our local public-access cable station posts most of its shows on the web as
> streaming video.  I can play these in Iceweasel, which calls the mplayer
> plugin.  While a show is playing, two identical processes are running, e.g.:
> mplayer -wid 0x160192b -vf scale=320:-3 -osdlevel 1 -nojoystick \
>   -noconsolecontrols -cookies -softvol -slave -user-agent NSPlayer \
>   -nomouseinput -cache 512
> I can also play the show just by pasting the last argument
> ( into the browser URL
> window.
> Is there a way I can download the whole video (as WMV or ASF) to my hard
> drive?  I messed with wget briefly without success.

It might be worth looking into the mplayer arguments named 'dumpfile'
and 'dumpstream'.  I remember having some success with streaming to file
using a command line like

  mplayer -noframedrop -dumpfile out.ra -dumpstream 'rtsp://<ra file>'

Recently I've also been playing around with the streaming support in
VLC[1].  It support streaming to file through its 'sout' argument[2].


[1]: http://www.videolan.org/
[2]: http://www.videolan.org/doc/streaming-howto/en/ch06.html#id297783

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