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Create MNG from PNGs


Does anyone know of a good application to create an MNG-file from a set of PNG 

Imagemagick uses an extremely large amount of memory for this, maybe it 
decomresses all the PNGs to RAM at the same time. At any rate, that makes it 
unusable for me, given the number of PNG files I have. E.g. with 300 640x480 
PNG files imagemagick uses over 600MB to create an MNG. In addition, I cannot 
play it with the "animate" commmand, since that uses above 900MB, and the 
process is then automatically killed on my computer (1GB RAM). I can, 
however, display it with the "showimg" package. I want to do this with much 
more than 300 images, so imagemagick cannot be used for this on my computer.

I tried the "advancecomp" package, but that didn't work on my PNGs, which are 
created with PLplot. I was very hopeful about this program, because it 
supports a fancy MNG mode where only differences between frames are encoded 
(I have an animated plot with lots of constant parts).

I have not been able to find out if GIMP can create an MNG from set of 
PNG-files through the Gimp Animation Plugin.

Any ideas?

Best regards,
Torquil Sørensen

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