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Re: missing /var/mail

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On 02/01/08 11:20, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> Hello all,
> I know that this is pretty useless, but.
> I was just reading my mail when the power went out.


>                                                      There were some
> important mails there.  At the time, they were in /var/mail/dtutty
> On reboot, it said that it was replaying the journal (ext3) for /var
> with no errors reported.
> After reboot, /var/mail/dtutty is empty (another user's mail is still
> there, the only differece being that they weren't using mutt at the
> time).

If your email were in Maildir or mh format, you'd have only lost the
one mail you were reading.

Not that that does you any good now, but something to think about
for the future.

> There is nothing in lost+found.
> Possibly unrelated: on boot, the POST said that there was a keyboard
> error.  I had to power down the PSU to get the box to boot.
> Any idea what happend?  I figure that there's no way to get the data
> back.

Restore from tape?  Of course that would only help if you baked it
up on a *very* regular basis.  And you'd still lose everything since
the previous backup...

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