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Re: fetchmail authentication error

I found this morning that my problem with mail server authentication
seems to have fixed itself overnight. However, while fetchmail can now
authenticate and download mail, I still periodically (perhaps one of
every four fetches) get my old error messages: 

  Server CommonName mismatch: localhost != pop.hartford-hwp.com
  Server certificate verification error: self signed certificate 

I'd appreciate some help here. Does the first statement mean that the
server expected pop.hartford-hwp.com and was not getting it from my
machine or that my machine identifies itself as pop.hartford-hwp.com and
that is not what the server expects? In ~/.fetchmail I have: 

  poll pop.hartford-hwp.com
  proto POP3

If I try the original account name assigned to me by my mail service
(pop.registeredsite.com), it does not authenticate. I believe the error
message may have shown up at about the time the mail service asked me to
change the mail account name to pop.hartford-hwp.com.

I assigned my machine the name:

  $ hostname

As for the error message on the second line, I get the impression that
this is because I am not running TLS. I tried to retrieve my certificate
from the server, but it was empty, and so I presume no certificate
exists. So when I use the command in ~/.fetchmailrc:

  sslcertck sslcertpath $HOME/.certs
I naturally can't get authenticated on the server. I undertand that to
get TLS support, one has to compile fetchmail from source. Is that so?
Can I simply ignore the warning message?

       Haines Brown, KB1GRM


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