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Re: Setting up Debian on a mobile disk

On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 08:59:36AM -0800, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> yes, that's normal (at least in my experience, it's been a while since
> I used it). There are no locales set up on the new system yet...

Yes, it went away after dpkg-reconfigure locales.

> > to upgrade many packages -- I mean, all packages had come fresh off the same
> > server minutes ago.
> That's interesting. What target did you install? you can specify what
> version to install. Perhaps you installed an older version than what
> was subsequently specified in sources.list?

Not sure how so. On the "master" PC (sarge) I had just done an
update-upgrade, then debootstrapped sarge onto the USB disk, then chrooted.

Puzzling, but doesn't really matter.

> yeah. debootstrap is architecture independent, so you have to install
> a kernel and bootloader.

Yes, I figured that. But it ain't easy. There's simply no way I can think of
to make grub install itself on that disk. I have no idea which (hdx,y) to
use. /dev/sda is flatly refused as it is not a "BIOS" disk. Why can't grub
simply install itself on /dev/sda if I tell it to? Can't grub list all disk
partitions in its funny notation so that I can see which one to use? All the
time of course I'm in imminent danger of hosing the bootloader on my
built-in disk.

Anyway, I'm really stumped on the bootloader issue now. Do I have to go back
to LILO? Don't really want to because all those bootloading issues seem
extremely fishy to me (because I don't understand them), and I don't want to
have to mess with different bootloaders.

I couldn't find anything in the grub docs that explains how to properly
specify a target device. The blind guessing approach I've used so far has
usually resulted in a working grub on a built-in IDE disk after two or three


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