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Trying to get on the web with wvdial.


I am trying to make the move the Etch. Before I can make the move I need to 
insure I can get on the internet. (Much of my college work is on the 

I am attempting to connect to my ISP with wvdial. The instructions I found 
states that I should run wvdialconf command. I did. It sets a few settings 
for you. The instructions state that I should now change the phone number in 
the wvdial.conf file to the appropriate settings. I did that. I then ran the 
wvdial command per instructions and the dude takes off and dial out and 
appears to establish a connection. I try to ping my college's server and 
nothing. I tried to view a web page with a browser and nothing. (I did all 
the above as root.) 

The ifconfig seems to show that I am connected. Running the route command 
shows that there is an entry for ppp0.

Now am I missing something? No messing around with the resolve.conf file of 
hosts file? Is there a default route that I am missing that needs to be 

Connecting to the internet is now the only barrier that keeps me from making 
the move to Etch, and removing the SuSE 10.3 (which has a slew of odd 
problems) from my system. Any information will be helpful. 

Best Regards
Walt L. Williams

I have a 1.2 GHZ AMD Athlon, with an external USR V-Everything modem. 

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