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Re: Brief question as to the Linux kernel in use in the Stable version of Etch

On Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 12:48:52AM -0500, dick thompson wrote:
> I have looked all through the info and the best I can find is that Etch 
> uses version 2.6.18 of the Linux kernel.  Since the stable version was 
> put out there in the early part of Jan 2008, that seems like a very old 
> version to be releasing.  Am I right that this is the version in use?  

Yes.  Newer kernels exist but haven't been as thoroughly tested.  This
is what you get with stable: a box that doesn't break and the only
changes are security updates (possibly backported from more recent

Other Linux Distros have a faster release cycle but loose the Debian
advantage of not having things break if you stay with stable over the
years: never having to reinstall (unless the hardware dies).  I've heard
comments here about Ubuntu's breakage during upgrade; I've never tried

> If so that does not support my ethernet connection and I will have to 
> look elsewhere for a Linux to use.

Having bleeding-edge hardware can be like that.  I bought a new computer
a year ago when Etch was at beta3 (pre-Release Candiadate 1).  Sarge
(then stable, now old-stable) wouldn't work so I went with Etch (then
Testing).  It wasn't totally comfortable.

You could also broaden your search beyond Linux to, e.g. OpenBSD.  Have
a look at their FAQ and the install.txt that lists exactly what hardware
works and what doesn't.  Check their on-line man page for the Atheros
driver (try apropos on the online page).

> My ethernet adapter is an ATTANSIC Gigabyte L1 (also released since the 
> takeover of ATTANSIC by ATHEROS as the ATHEROS Gigabyte L1.  From what I 
> have been able to find out the earliest kernel supporting this adapter 
> is the 2.6.22.  That is the reason I am asking as I would like to take a 
> good look at Debian but if I can't connect to the ethernet with it then 
> it is useless to me.  This is also the problem I have with PCLinuxOS as 
> it also uses this version of the kernel.  Ubuntu, Sabayon, Slackware, 
> etc all use more recent versions so I can use them but I really am 
> trying as many distros as I can to find the one I want to stick with.

Unless you are connecting to a Gigabyte network, pick yourself up a
spare ethernet card.  Plain wired 10/100 ethernet cards generally work
for all distros and OSs.  This is probably the simplest solution.

Good luck.


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