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Re: Installation of hard drive

Pantor wrote:
> KS wrote:
>> Pantor wrote:
>>> Lads,
>>> would you be able to advice please, how to install a second hard drive
>>> which have preinstalled Windows. PC booting Windows after hard drive has
>>> been plugged in. Windows should be cleared, but how thee partition
>>> works?
>>> Thank you,
>>> Andrius
>> I would just connect the hard disk and boot. My new/old hard disks have
>> been detected without a hitch when booting. Then comes the use of a
>> partitioning tool like cfdisk, fdisk, etc. and after that you can use
>> mkfs to create the file system. If you like using the GUI more, install
>> gparted or qtparted and use that to partition and format the hard disk.
>> HTH
> If to boot then windows will boot. Gparted
> shows:
>  > 89-125-103-244:/home/andrius# gparted
>> ======================
>> libparted : 1.7.1
>> automounting disabled
>> ======================
>> Unable to open /dev/hda read-write (Read-only file system).  /dev/hda
>> has been opened read-only.
>> Unable to open /dev/hda - unrecognised disk label.
> Andrius

Where do you have Debian installed? /dev/hdb? Where did you install
Grub? You need to give more details about your setup.

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