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RE: Where do you put your swap partition?

Subject: Re: Where do you put your swap partition?

On 2008-01-23T15:17:29-0500, Mike Kuhar wrote:
> Most things stated in this chain are true.  But a couple notes.  First, a
> swap partition is not the same as a normal partition, i.e. ext2 or ext2.
> That is, in Window's speak, it's not formatted.  Process chunks that are
> swapped in and out of swap does not go through the filesystem manager.
> kernel directly manages that space.  It treats that disk space as a raw
> disk.  Much faster than going through the read/writes to a normal file.
> can create a swap file, but that's much slower than swap space, because it
> has to go through the file system.

These two threads do not suggest there is any significant performance 
difference between swap file and swap partitions:


If that's meaningful for you, than by all means use a swap file.  But going
through the filesystem is never the fastest way to disk.  If that were the
case, then Oracle would never offer the ability to use a disk in raw mode
for speed.  You don't have to configure this way, but it is offered for
speed.  But then again, a home user never taxes a system like a business
system.  If you are more comfortable using a swap file, then use it.



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