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Re: KDE4 installation on Debian!

On Jan 22, 2008 6:36 AM, Stef Daniels VK5HSX <vk5hsx@wia.org.au> wrote:
> Hi Peoples,
>                 I used the following link
> http://blog.creonfx.com/linux/install-kde-4-on-debian-unstable-sid to
> install KDE4 on my HP Presario Laptop and thought I would try it out.
> Everything went smoothly with the install, without errors
> (surprisingly). However, upon using KDE4, I have noticed a couple of
> 'quirks' that have cropped up. Like:
> *  Limited System Tray applications\facilities.
> *  Open Application tabs disappearing when still in operation.
> *  Wireless management difficulties.
> *  Menu Application locations in unusual locations (not KDE logical)
> Anyway, I am wondering whether anyone else has tried KDE4 and if any of
> these 'quirks' have happened. I liked what I saw of KDE4 and will use
> it, however, stability and further development is required and suppose
> as time goes on these will continue to advance.

I'm suprised that those are the only problems you encountered. Many people
that did not listen to KDE's explanations have been really angry or upset about
the state of KDE 4.0.0. In fact, KDE 4.0.0 is in many ways a beta or a 1.0
product, due to the massive changes in the KDE and QT frameworks.

Anyway, 4.1 (hopefully in July) should be pretty nice:



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