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Troubles with Apache 2 And Subversion (Etch)


I'm in troubles for installing Apache 2 and Subversion on my Debian Etch
server (with SSL). My goal is to create a repository which I can access
from the web and use with Trac. 

When I try to connect to subversion through https I get a 403 from
nowhere. And this in apache2/error.log : 

[Sun Jan 20 12:07:34 2008] [error] [client XX.XX.XX.XX] Access denied: -
GET svn:/

My subversion repository is in /srv/svn/corewar and is handled by
www-data. (created with svnadmin) 

I have tried and mixed several things in my Apache vhost to finally have
this : 


Here is my enabled modules : 

alias.load       authz_default.load    authz_user.load  dav.load
dir.conf  mime.load         perl.load  setenvif.load  status.load 
auth_basic.load  authz_groupfile.load  autoindex.load   dav_svn.conf
dir.load  mod_python.load   php5.conf  ssl.conf 
authn_file.load  authz_host.load       cgi.load         dav_svn.load
env.load  negotiation.load  php5.load  ssl.load

I'm running out of ideas, :X

NB : I can access to https://corewar.kalessin.fr/ and display an index.
Louis OPTER, aka, Kalessin - Clef PGP : 0x58AA6712

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