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Re: Wish list... OpenOffice.org reference manager (Bibus)

Michael Bonert wrote:
> Hi, 
> What is the best way, aside from packaging it oneself, to get some software packaged and on debian? 
> Where can one post a wish-to-packaged request?
> ---
> I came across a neat little reference manager for OpenOffice.org -- that expands on the native OO.org ref manager and can share data with MS-Word.
> It exists as a deb package-- http://bibus-biblio.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Installation#Debian
> I think it would be super if it were in the Debian repository. ;-)
> Should one post it as a wishlist 'bug' on OpenOffice.org Writer, Sid version --i.e. here: http://packages.debian.org/sid/openoffice.org-writer ?
> Thanks,
> Michael

A related question, how good is Bibus as compared to other reference
managers (Bibtex, EndNote, etc.) in your view? (assuming you have used
it yourself).


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