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Re: rsync 10 times slower in Etch than in Sarge!

> > the solution is not to use the "sync" option, that also increases
> > your drive's lifetime.
> I put the `sync' option just to avoid drive corruption.  If it is
> necessary to toggle it off, how can I be sure the process is terminated
> before I unmount the drive?

This was discussed sometime ago in this list (someone wanted to
be able to remove the USB drive anytime). Using sync is not a good
idea with the USB pendrive.

Check this thread:


( I was wondering why I was aware of this old thread and I just noticed
that I was the one who suggested using sync! ).

> > You may want to add "sync" as the last command in
> > your backup script do avoid data loss.
> I looked into `sync' manual but couldn't find out how to use this
> command.  What should I say instead of
> `rsync -vr --delete Mail News /mnt/sda'?

You use the same rsync command. You execute sync _after_
the rsync command.



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