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Re: How to wifi with ipw3945 on Dell Vostro ???

Helge Hafting wrote:

There is another problem though.
My homemade script uses "iwlist scan" in order to see
where the machine is (at home, at work, at friends/family house)
and then select the appropriate essid, key and other stuff.

Have you tried putting all the various networks into a config file for wpasupplicant (see the examples in /usr/share/doc/). AFAIK, it will scan for the available networks and connect to the right one. Worth a try.



This part used to work well - now I always have to try bringing the
network up 2-4 times before it actually works. If I run manually, I see
that iwlist comes up empty many times before it suddenly sees
the available networks and access points.

Setting a longer timeout between bringing up the driver and running
iwlist didn't seem to help. The old driver needed 2s. I tried 4s, but still
have to try many times before iwlist will see anything. Is there a trick
to make this work? Running iwlist in a loop is not what I want, that is error-prone
and wastes CPU. I use the machine in places with no network too.
I want to detect the available networks in minimum time and with only one attempt.

Helge Hafting

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