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Re: [OT] top posting

On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 09:23:39PM -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 01/15/08 19:24, s. keeling wrote:
> > Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net>:
> >>  On 01/15/08 17:05, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> >>> The problem, the oft-overlooked side comment made by one of the
> >>> peasants. Small rocks float. So though she may weigh the same as a
> >>  Really?
> > 
> > Pumice?
> I thought of that, but it only floats because it's a big hard sponge.

no, not pumice. In the "burn the witch" scene of Monty Python and the
Holy Grail, there is the question "What, besides ducks, floats?" and
after much yelling they all agree that wood floats. But one of the
peasants says "small rocks". 

> >>  Since when are witches made of wood?  Or small rocks?

If ducks float, they must be made of wood (or small rocks), so if the witch weighs the
same as a duck, then she must be made of wood and therefore, she'll
float, so she's a witch. 

> > 
> > I thought you'd seen the movie.  "Bring out your dead."
> It's been quite a while, and we can't quote the whole movie.

and apparently, one can recover from being turned into a newt. ;)


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