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Re: KDSC/noatun work only when run by root

Marty wrote:
Marty wrote:
On my debian Etch system with Gnome desktop, when run by a user kdsc doesn't play a cd, and noatun crashes, but both work when run by root. The user ID is in the audio group and all gnome audio applications work correctly. Previously kscd worked correctly, and the problems seem to have started when I killed artsd. I have tried logging out and rebooting. Any help is appreciated.

Sorry, that should be kscd.

Update: I don't know if this is related to the problem, but I get this error repeated on the command line when I alternately click on the play and start buttons in kscd:

alsa_write failed: File descriptor in bad state

Alsa seems to be working fine. No new entries appear in .gnome-errors, .kde2-errors, or .xsession-errors

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