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Re: What's your tools for C++ dev?

On Tue, Jan 08, 2008 at 10:30:57PM +0800, Michael Yang <michael.yxf@gmail.com> was heard to say:
> Hi all:
> I'm starting the C++ Developer work on linux, no GUI app involved.
> Could you tell me what the tools you are working with?
> I'm trying with g++ and vim. Is there a package containing the help doc for
> the library API, like the MSDN on Windows.

  Unfortunately, programming documentation on Linux is a bit
fragmented.  You can find quick documentation for the standard C stuff
in manpages-dev, but that doesn't cover C++.  libstdc++6-4.2-doc has
some documentation for C++ stuff, but for the STL stl-manual.  Other
library documentation tends to be either in -dev packages or in -doc
packages with a similar name: for instance, ncurses documentation is in
libncurses5-dev, but cwidget documentation is in libcwidget-doc.


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