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Re: Galeon R.I.P?

Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de>:
>  Over 90% of GNU/Linux-Users I know are suckers...
>  Yeah GNU/Linux is free (of charge) and thats all they want.

If you only listen to d-u and Usenet, the power of those users' noise
can be deafening.  On the other hand, there are huge moves in
corporateland in adopting Linux.  My present client is massive[*], and
just one of my projects involves 10,000 server installs in the next
year.  They're already using it heavily (as in primarily, including
desktops and supercompute clusters) in a major chunk of their

Not every Linux user is the equivalent of the kid I was when I started
drooling over this stuff.  Some serious players are finally beginning
to become comfortable with it.  I never thought I'd live to see the

[*] I do mean massive, as big as they get.  It's a sweet gig.  :-)

Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.
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