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Re: tapes best for backup?

On Fri, Jan 04, 2008 at 04:18:11PM -0600, David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
> Paul Cartwright wrote:
> >On Fri January 4 2008, Ron Johnson wrote:

> >so, what would be a good method..
> >say for instance MY system. my /home is 164 Gb, with 50 Gb free, so I've 
> >used 110 Gb. Right now I do the rsync to a 500Gb Mybook USB drive. But I 
> >don't keep the drive connected, so I don't do it often enough..
> >  
> What I think of as "minimum acceptable" backup is two offline volumes to 
> accept backups, used alternately.  Anything less leaves you with all 
> copies of your data online and vulnerable at once -- to a power surge, 
> lightning strike, malware, or idiot sysadmin ("rm -rf /"). 

Right, but this is on-line (or near-line) backup.  The data on the media
doesn't have to last long, only between backup cycles.  What about
archives?  Or, do you just keep everything on-line (buy more disks for
the computer and bigger USB drives for backups) and do backups and never
archive anything?


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