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Re: tapes best for backup?

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On 01/03/08 20:30, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> One of the threads over at misc@openbsd.org has gone OT (for them) into
> discussing backup media.  The concensus there seems to be that tape
> (e.g. DLT) is still the best for long-term storage (e.g. archives)

Do "they" even make new DLT 8000 drives anymore?  We are happy with
SuperDLT2 drives, but are transitioning to LTO3.

> because CD/DVDs fade rather quickly while hard drives get "bit rot" over the
> years and since they're not being run frequently you don't see error
> messages appearing.  
> I'm wondering what people here on DU use.  Lets say the archive size is
> 7 GB.  It could fit on one DVD; one(?) or two USB sticks, SD cards, etc;

7GB?  That was a lot in 1992, when DLT-III was king, but now DLT IV
is ancient, and 7GB is -- bluntly -- chickenfeed.

> an old spare hard drive or a new dedicated hard drive in (presumably) an
> external (USB, firewire, eSATA?) case.
> Do people still use tape?  I note that the drive prices for used drives
> on eBay are quite low but then most (?) would need to add the
> appropriate scsi card since I doubt they would be SATA compatible.

What kind?  DLT8000 drives have been around now for 15 years

> Other than rsyncing to another box, what do people use for
> put-it-on-the-shelf archiving?

How important is the data?  Personal or commercial?

If a reputable archival company like Iron Mountain offers on-line
storage, then I'd encrypt it and drop it on their servers.

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