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Re: GNOME desktop troubles

Dan H wrote:
2. For some reason, Gnome doesn't let me log out any more. And the
startup window of the Gnome desktop just stays there, with
"Nautilus" at the bottom. Starting applications etc. works. This
may have started with my recent language experiments.

UPDATE: Gnome /does/ log me out about a minute after I clicked on the "Log out" button without a warning. I have no idea what it does in the meantime. "top" doesn't show any busy processes.

Very puzzling.


I had this problem before, and (strangely) it was because the system was having a hard time trying to resolve the machine's fqdn.

Check /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts for your machine's hostname and resolve address. If you need help with these, post your doubts to the list.

Cassiano Leal

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