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GNOME desktop troubles


being a purely shell and fvwm user myself I'm really out of my depth trying to get those new-fangled clickable desktop thingies to work right. But I'm trying to do it for others (who are permanently threatening me to want a M$-based computer).

1. I can't get the desktop environment to use any other language than
English. I installed the es_ES.UTF-8 locale and selected it in the
gdm languages menu, but upon starting gdm tells me that the language
"doesn't exist" and falls back to English. But when I do "export
LANG=es_ES.UTF-8" in a shell, all Gnome apps started from that shell are in Spanish, as intended. BTW, does that mean that each and every Gnome program carries all of its own translations around with it?

2. For some reason, Gnome doesn't let me log out any more. And the startup window of the Gnome desktop just stays there, with "Nautilus" at the bottom. Starting applications etc. works. This may have started with my recent language experiments.

3. Out of curiosity: Which program starts the Gnome desktop? I get my good ole fvwm by just putting "fvwm" in my ~/.xsession, but what do I have to put there to get Gnome?


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