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Re: latest radeon driver and full screen video

Romain JACQUET a écrit :

I have made some visuals to summarize the problem.

  1. I display a video on the second screen. The video is 4:3 ratio
     (resolution 320x240). I see a correct display (see
     http://romainjacquet.free.fr/screenshot3.png) but all the screen
     is not used.
I'm sorry the correct display is visible at http://romainjacquet.free.fr/screenshot1.png.

  2. I make a right-click on gmplayer, I go on aspect ratio and I
     choose 16:9.
  3. I see a incorrect display. The video is correctly stretched but it
     is not centered. (http://romainjacquet.free.fr/screenshot3.png).

I strongly believe it is a mplayer bug...

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