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Re: mouse & keyboard probs under X [WAS: usb mouse problems: etch/gnome/metacity]

cs wrote:

> actually after using KDE for an hour today, the keyboard froze too...
> playing with the control centre somehow reset it such that keyboard
> started accepting USB input again
> it seems (under Gnome) openning many more application windows (that have
> not been previously openned?) somehow resets it so keyboard started
> accepting input again
> any ideas??! or ways to narrow this down?

grep through your /var/logs for USB-related messages.  Maybe something is
going on.  I have a PS/2 keyboard but my USB mouse is fine.  Once in a
while my USB hard disk will bork itself and, because of LVM, I'll have to
reboot to fix it.  Sometimes my SanDisk USB memory card reader will mess up
too.  I often wonder if it's something to do with the USB controllers on my
motherboard (which is pretty old).

If that doesn't turn anything up, I'd suggest trying a different USB
keyboard, and a PS/2 one if possible.

If that doesn't help, I'd suggest seeing a psychiatrist; perhaps your
original theory of your slowly going mad is correct.  ;)

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