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Re: install etch from usb onto xp machine

On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 10:15:23AM -0800, Rick Dooling wrote:
> Anybody recently installed to an xp machine with no CD drive?
> I followed the "easy way" instructions for copying the necessary Etch
> installation files to a USB, but the XP machine would not "see" the
> USB drive.
> Then I followed the "install-mbr" instructions to make the usb
> bootable. But that appears to wipe out the installation files?  All
> the XP machine did was print "MBR" and sit there.
> I can't really log into the XP machine, the tech fellows just
> installed a separate hard drive and said I could put Debian on it.
> Getting it on there is up to me :)
> Any easy way to make the XP machine see the usb drive, boot from it,
> and do an install?

That's the BIOS's job.  Surely you can find someone's computer to test
the USB stick on (just to get to the installer flash-scrren boot:
prompt even) to ensure that it is set up correctly.  Then you have to
have the BIOS boot from USB.  You may have to get the tech fellows to
have the bios boot it.


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