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Cant boot withe colied 2.6.23 kernel

hi all,
I compiled the kernel 2.6.23 and did it in several ways but at each time end up in getting the following error at the boot time.

Check root = bootarg cat /cmdline
or missing module or devices; cat /proc/modules ls dev
ALERT /dev/sda4 does not exist Dropping to shell

and then it drops to (initramfs) prompt.

I checked the commands(cat /proc/cmdline) at that point which gives me /dev/sda4 response and my device map is also set to "(hd0) /dev/sda4". Please help me in this to solve this.l

The methods I followed were

make O=/home/tharanga/kernels/2.6.23 menuconfig
make O=...
make O=.. modules_install install

I also tried to do it in
make O=/home/tharanga/kernels/2.6.23 menuconfig
make O=...
make O=..  modules
make O=..  modules_install
make install

and then I use mkinitrd to genarate inird.img files which was did not give me any exceptions  and then used update-initrams -c to do the same thing which was with out any exceptions.
Then I did update-grub and when the booting falied with that I manually edited the mnu.list file which I double chekced and root = /dev/sda4 is correctly set. I am out of ideas now.

can any body suggest me what should I do to for this.

Thank you very much in advance and hope one of you guys will be assisting me in this.


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